Goodbye ThoughtWorks, hello Scribd

This is to inform the two and a half people reading this blog that I left my consulting career at ThoughtWorks for the Silicon Valley Internet startup scene, joining Scribd.

ThoughtWorks is by far the best place to be a software consultant, and I still love these folks. But commuting across the continent sucks, especially when one has teenage kids.

Scribd is a service that allows users to publish documents in a form that can be embedded directly into a web page. There is an interesting set of Internet-scale technical problems (that's Enterprise-scale * 10^3), and [hopefully] none of the non-technical problems that come with a consulting job. Definitely no travel (yay!)

Although Scribd is (naturally) in San Francisco, I am staying in Calgary, and my lunch schedule is completely free right now :) Feel free to give me a holler.